Outdoor, At Home and Anywhere Puzzle Hunts

We offer fun and exciting puzzle hunts that can be played from most mobile devices at your own leisure! Our digital puzzle hunts can be played together from multiple devices across the globe! The experiences are perfect for friends, significant others and families who are stuck long distances apart, or co-workers and school groups that are working from home or in the office/at school! We are the sister company and brainchild of Room Escapers Boston, an escape room game in downtown Boston with two locations!

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We also have some outdoor scavenger hunts coming soon that are limited to certain cities, starting with Boston of course!

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At Home Puzzle Hunts

Now more than ever we need things to keep us busy and provide entertainment from the safety of our homes. Our puzzle hunts can be played together, at your leisure, across multiple devices and locations anywhere in the globe! We can even set up personal leaderboards so you can have some friendly (or not, your choice!) competitions with friends and families! Click here for more information.

Team Building

Our digital puzzle hunts are a wonderful team building activity as they foster communication while pushing teams to work together to solve problems. The experiences have no set “start” or “end” times so different teams across your company can play when it fits in their schedule. Our product is also low cost relative to other events since you are not working directly with a host with each team! Best yet, we can create a company wide leaderboard so your different departments can compete for that top spot! Click here for more information.

Educational “field trips”

At our sister company, Room Escapers Boston, we have noticed a sharp decline in schools taking field trips to Boston, so we decided to bring the field trip to you! We are creating several educational puzzle hunts that will be filmed on location at historic sites around different cities, starting with Boston of course! These will be completely digital and will also be perfect for someone who may be interested in visiting said city! These are currently under development.

Puzzling Hunts