Our best crêpes recipe

Everyone loves crêpes and they are really easy to make. All you need is flour, eggs, milk and our tried and tested recipe. Thin and delicate, can be served with fresh fruit and chocolate or a savoury filling. If you try the recipe, please let us know what you think in the comments!

Published by Room Escapers Boston

Room Escapers Boston offers challenging, interactive adventures and escape rooms at two downtown Boston locations: in the Old Corner Bookstore and in the Blackstone District. Our escape games are top rated by escape game enthusiasts and novices alike! Large spaces, immersive designs, unique puzzles and exciting story lines make for one of kind experiences. Our spacious lobby is great for company or group team building, events and parties. From daring shipwreck scavenges, cracking the case on organized crime, to mastering the principles of alchemy, our themes are based on real events and happenings in Boston’s rich history. Room Escapers is a locally owned Boston based company – both locations are conveniently located on the Freedom Trail.

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