Questions? We have answers, albeit not all of them..

What is a puzzle hunt?

Puzzle hunts are a type of game that players work together to solve a series of puzzle or riddles at a particular location, multiple locations or wherever you currently are via the internet! We are currently using the app ClueKeeper to make puzzle hunts available on most devices no matter where you are!

Do we need any special skills or knowledge?

Nope! The internet as at your disposal for most hunts, and any hunts done on location will be solvable with what is in front of you physically!

How long do the puzzle hunts last?

Each hunt will vary in time. Estimated completion times will be stated on our Puzzle Hunts page and on the hunt information page if you’re looking on the ClueKeeper platform. We will have some “express hunts” that are 15-30 minutes as well as some elongated ones that may take multiple days to solve. Our game SLEIGHLINK II: Santa’s Secret Mission usually takes around 2-3 hours to complete.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes and no. We don’t have set booking times as the hunts are self-hosted, allowing you to play on your time. However, there is a little set up we have to do on the back end to get your event set up and provide you with the codes for your hunts! You can click here to request an event!

How long does the set up take?

Not more than 15-30 minutes during our open hours. We will invoice you and once payment is received we will provide hunts codes you can type right in the ClueKeeper App. After this you can play the game(s) at your leisure. Please note our general open hours for setting up events are daily from 9AM-6PM EST.

How many people can play per team?

Each hunt will vary slightly on how many devices will be allowed to connect to the hunt, but this number will generally be around 5 different devices. Each device can host multiple people and can be spaced out across multiple locations. You can also use all 5 devices at one location so you don’t have to huddle around the same device.

Is there a limit on the amount of teams?

There is no upper limit to the amount of teams we can add to an event or private leaderboard! This is great for large companies or schools that want to host a competition and have a private leaderboard, or for friends and families who want may want to create an event for their circle.

Can I purchase this as a gift certificate?

Yes! Our games will always be available after being published. Once you receive the code you can gift it to whomever you’d like and they can just type the code right into ClueKeeper to start their game! The vouchers never expire and have no blackout dates! You can click here to request a gift voucher!

Do you offer any discounts?

We do offer discounts every now and then. Currently we are offering all hunts for our lowest price of only $18 per team!

How can I book a corporate event?

We would love to host your corporate training or team building event. Check our Corporate Team Building Page for more information and to submit a request, or give us a call at 857-400-9144. You can also e-mail PuzzlingHunts@gmail.com.

How can I schedule party or special occasion?

From birthday parties to holiday celebrations our hunts are a perfect addition to any event! Click here for more information!

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