Puzzle Hunts

Below you can find all of our available hunts and pricing for each adventure. Please note that the pricing may vary slightly for each puzzle hunt.

SLEIGHLINK II: Santa’s Secret Mission

A stealthy adventure revealing the inner workings of the North Pole!

Following a “test” launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on December 23, 2017 rumors have been circulating that Musk, of SpaceX, is collaborating with Santa on a special project.

Agents from the Santa Containment Reconnaissance Order of Global Encirclement (SCROOGE) have discovered that Musk and Claus are at an undisclosed location working on a secret project that is scheduled for deployment at the end of this year.

Your team has secured temporary seasonal positions at the North Pole – this will give you access to see exactly what is going on. Whatever Musk and Claus have planned, the mission must be aborted at any cost to maintain the balance between naughty and nice in the world.

This is a multi-player game hosted on the ClueKeeper App that supports up to 5 different devices per team. The 5 different devices can be anywhere in the world! The hunt is great for team building, friends, families and puzzle lovers alike! Although this game is a medium to hard in terms of difficulty, hints are provided to make all clues solvable. We can set up private leader boards for groups with 2 or more teams! There is no limit to the amount of teams we can set up on a private leaderboard! You can estimate the entire experience to take around 2-3 hours from start to finish; please note you do not have to complete it in one sitting unless you are competing for a high score!

Pricing (Up to 5 Devices Per Team)
  • 1-5 Teams: $18 per team
  • 6-11 Teams: $17 per team
  • 12-20 Teams: $16 per team
  • 21-40 Teams: $15 per team
  • 41-80 Teams: $14 per team
  • 81-139 Teams: $13 per team
  • 140-199 Teams: $12 per team
  • 200+ Teams: $11 per team

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