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Let’s do business together!

This is a sister company to Room Escapers Boston we have created to help us through being closed to the public. We hope that it can be beneficial for everyone involved and help push us all through these tough times!

Our referral program nets you around 25% of total sales

How does it work? The group you are referring pays you as a vendor they trust, and then you pay us a discounted rate and pocket the difference! You simply provide the email(s) of those in the group that are in charge and we can send them all of the purchased hunt codes directly through the ClueKeeper platform. This gives you flexibility to run your own discounts or offer special pricing to clients who may also be friends/family or someone you may offer a special discount to. It also makes it so there is no waiting time for you to receive your portion of the sale.

What you pay example

  • 1-5 Teams: $25 $19 per team
  • 6-11 Teams: $24 $18 per team
  • 12-20 Teams: $23 $17.25 per team
  • 21-40 Teams: $22 $16.5 per team
  • 41-80 Teams: $21 $15.75 per team
  • 81-139 Teams: $20 $15 per team
  • 140-199 Teams: $19 $14.25 per team
  • 200+ Teams: $18 13.5 per team

*if we run discounts for teams you still net 25% as we will adjust your price accordingly

Why Puzzling Hunts?

Our games are built on the free ClueKeeper app and can be accessed from most devices anywhere in the world. Each team can have multiple devices and there are no start/end times so it is great for companies working from home or with multiple departments/offices on differing schedules. Private leaderboards can be set up to offer a fun and friendly competition tracking the results of all teams!

Low Cost Option For Companies
Since our hunt are completely self-hosted the cost of the puzzle hunts are relatively low when it comes to team building or large group events. With our world being more digital than ever our puzzle hunts foster communication and help teams build rapport through problem solving in this digital world. You can read more on our Team Building Page.

Ease of use
There is not much work we would require of you other than submitting payment and contact information to us for the groups! Once that is done we can get them set up with their own private leaderboard and e-mail all of the hunt codes directly from ClueKeeper to the person or persons in charge! From there they distribute out the hunt codes to their teams and then the teams can play at their leisure!

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