Team Building

Our Puzzle Hunts can be played together across multiple devices anywhere in the globe! There are no designated start times, so different teams and departments can play as it works best on their schedule! We also provide a company wide leaderboard so different departments and teams can compete for the best time and score! There is no limit to how many people or teams can participate, nor is there a minimum.

Whether you are in the office or out of it, we help your team achieve an important goal together: Success! Communication is the key to finding solutions to the puzzles in the room, and the challenging experience will help build rapport among team members. Our puzzle hunts promote teamwork, leadership, outside-of-the-box thinking, problem solving and fun!

 Our Puzzle Hunts encourage teams to use not only left brain thinking, but also the right – imagination, creativity and intuition (often underutilized in the workplace). Sharing of information and responsibilities is encouraged, and promotes team bonding that increases team morale. This also gives team members the opportunity to build trust and to see each other in a different light.

The Power of Play – play can increase production, creativity, flexibility in opinions, team cohesion and motivation! Watching staff members interact through play provides the opportunity to evaluate team dynamics and how the team communicates, makes decisions and adapts to change. This awareness can help improve the effectiveness of the team. 

Feel Free to use the contact form with any questions or to arrange an event for your team! You can also call/text us at 857-400-9144 or e-mail PuzzlingHunts@gmail.com

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